NEW GENERATION FILMS mission is to provide the most enjoyable movie-going experience to people of all ages by producing films that will be more original in storyline, plot and dialogue and focus on good quality productions and to do so consistently, making it unique among film studios.

New Generation Films will specialize in quality and originality, which it feels is lacking consistently even from the best independent film studios.

New Generation Films, Inc., (also known as New Cannon, Inc.) with its executive offices for production and distribution in Hollywood, is positioned to take advantage of the new world of independent motion pictures with global sales and new delivery technologies.

A substantial portion of the financial risk of making movies has been eliminated by matching low-budget production costs with guaranteed pre-sales of the product to multiple markets, to the extent that over one third of the costs of the productions have already been secured by pre-sales and multi-film distribution arrangements with different independent distributors in different worldwide territories.

In less than 3 years New Generation Films, Inc. has been recognized as an independent motion picture production and distribution company. During the AFM, Cannes Film Festival, Miffed, Hong Kong Film Market and many others that company participating, New Generation Films, Inc. has already established special relationships with many independent world distributors.

The Company has already generated extensive publicity in the motion picture trade press.